TBAR Success Stories December 3, 2014

True Blue Animal Rescue Success Stories December 3, 2014

Our most recent success stories include our three newest Maltese Mix dogs as well as Smokey Lonesome, who had been in TBAR waiting for his forever home for a while!

Smokey Lonesome

Smokey Lonesome wandered up to a family’s home in Chappell Hill and decided that he would just live with the kind people who would feed him. But this family was unable to give him a home due to their extensive traveling and didn’t want to leave him homeless. They could tell from his behavior that he had very likely been abused so they contacted TBAR who ended up having a foster home step up for Smokey.

Smokey was approximately born on November 1, 2012 and is an Australian Shepherd. When he was with the family who found him, he was very fearful of new people and things, especially the leash. He was being fostered by a dog trainer who has been able to work with Smokey on his fears to help him find a perfect forever home. He adjusted well and loved his foster parents very much. Smokey Lonesome was adopted by the Ratchfords who also adopted Ciara and the two are getting along wonderfully!

Maltese Mix

True Blue Animal Rescue Maltese Mixes November 2014

Here’s the before picture of the little maltese dogs. They were abandoned and left in a house with no food and water. they lived in filth and their hair was overgrown.

Thanks to the San Felipe PD for responding to an animal cruelty call and taking possession of 5 dogs who needed immediate help! Thanks to TBAR volunteer Casie Cooper for organizing volunteers to help get these dogs cleaned up, and finding them homes very quickly! What a difference a day and a bunch of folks can make in the life of an animal.

If you are interested in adopting a TBAR dog, please view our adoptable dogs page, and download the forms here. You can also email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349 and leave a voicemail. TBAR is volunteer run and will respond to your message at the volunteer’s earliest convenience.

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