Event Recap: Read to Ride June 2015

TBAR-Read-2-Ride-June-2-2015The rain finally subsided and we were able to have our third grade Read to Ride day at True Blue Animal Rescue. These students from Alton Elementary School in Brenham read a book and wrote a report over Christmas break in order to come out and ride a horse and enjoy a hay ride. This reading incentive is also a wonderful opportunity to educate children about animal care and to help them develop compassion and empathy for animals. The horse that had the biggest impact was our biggest horse, Roman. This beautiful senior boy teaches the students how kind and gentle such a big horse can be. As a senior horse he requires a special diet and the children learn about that too. They learn about teeth floating and hoof trimming as part of horse care and needs too. While some of the children are riding and interacting with horses the others enjoy a hay ride. This allows a great opportunity for nature watching and just silly fun and laughter. As you can see from the pictures the students and volunteers had lots of fun. Stay tuned for more read to ride camps this summer and next school year too. Our goal is to increase these educational programs each year so we can reach more students every year.

Happy Tails: Piper

TBAR-Texas-Happy-Tails-PiperLast week we shared Piper and his post-skunk encounter crazy hair as our #TBARFluff and we wanted to follow that up with a look back at how far he has come, and how happy he is now in his forever home! Here’s Piper, before and after. This poor dog was abandoned and starving in the streets. He’s a small dog and survived by hiding in a culvert Pipe in a driveway. Lucky for him one kind person couldn’t look away and made it her business to catch him and get him help. She became his foster Mom and then adopted. Here he is spoiled and happy in his new home. A true rags to riches story!

Success Story: Moonshine!

TBAR-Texas-Success-Story-MoonshineMoonshine finally found his perfect match. His foster Mom has been working with him and getting him more comfortable with brushing, washing and cross ties. Meanwhile, she fell in love and finalized his adoption. Lucky Moonshine and his new Mom, Laura!

How to Help Cats Presentation

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Alley-Cat-Allies-SeminarIn Tiger’s Memory, Alley Cat Allies will be coming to Brenham and conducting an educational seminar with TBAR for the public. Learn about anti-cruelty laws and what you can do to get legislation to be more friendly and supportive of outdoor and feral cats!

Please share info about this event on social media and around town! We want as many people as possible (including legislators and law enforcement) to learn about how we can support outdoor cats and still have a healthy and happy community!

From the Alley Cat Allies Event Page:

Learn about anti-cruelty laws and how to do something good for cats in your community.

Join us for snacks, door prizes, and FREE cat food for the first 20 people to arrive!

Questions? Call 240-755-7045.

ABLE Kids Camp: Alton Field Trip May 2015



Third and Fourth Grade students from Alton Elementary School in Brenham, TX who read a story and wrote a summary about the book over Christmas break earned the opportunity to go to TBAR Ranch! This year 28 4th grade students and 18 3rd grade students got to come out and enjoy this fun filled educational opportunity. The event includes reading age appropriate rescue stories, riding horses and going on a hay ride. Hands on interactions like these build self esteem, teach about animal care and help our children become better pet owners and future advocates for animals. When you add in the book component, we’re building their reading skills too! As an Elementary School teacher this adds even more to the intrinsic value of this event.

These pictures are of the fourth grade students that came out on May 8th this year. We have the 3rd grade readers rescheduled to come out if the rain holds!
Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing children connect with and enjoy our rescue animals. Thank you to all the volunteers that help make this event possible!

Throwback Thursday: Kado (adoptable)

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Texas-KadoHere’s Kado as a puppy when he first came to True Blue and now, as an adult still here. Some dogs get adopted right away but some don’t manage to find their forever home right away. Kado is one of those. We are a no kill so he’s not in danger of being put to sleep but he is in danger of never being someone’s special boy and knowing the love of a family all his own. Please consider adopting adult rescue dogs. Email [email protected] and ask about Kado!

Success Story: Apollo



We were lucky to pull this sweet baby out of a kill shelter as a baby but it took him a few months for him to find his furever family. He was doing well in his foster family but when Bill, Brandee and Will came out to meet some of the dogs at True Blue Animal Rescue he connected with them immediately. His normally shy personality was gone as he leaped into Bill’s lap and sat next to Will for attention! This IS a match made in heaven and lucky for me, I get to keep up with him and his new family. Another GREAT family adopts from True Blue Animal Rescue! Thank you!

TBAR in the News: Stand against Horse Slaughter

TBAR was in the news this week for saving some young horses from being shipped to slaughter. Click here to read the full article from KBTX.

It doesn’t stop there though. This is a call to action! We need your help!

Americans are over-breeding horses and allowing them to be tortured and shipped to Mexico to die. Over 1/3 of the equine population is shipped each year. These beautiful animals suffer in feed lots, in transport and then as they are killed. We can stop this madness. Contact your representatives and let them know that we want the Safe Act passed. As Americans it’s our right to share our view and effect changes in our laws. Animal rights people please like and share so this is heard right before you write your US representative. This is a federal bill so representatives need to be contacted in Washington DC from every state. Details on how to find who to contact are at the end of the video and on the web site. Horses are a symbol of American Freedom. Don’t let this symbol go down in this inhumane way!

Click here to find your US representative, and then email them and explain that you would like to see them support HB 1942 and why.

Links for more information:

Read about HR 1942

American Veterinary Medical Association on Horse Slaughter

Humane Society on Horse Slaughter

ASPCA on Horse Slaughter


Happy Tails: Watson

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Watson-Happy-TailHere is a Throwback Thursday Happy Tail of Watson the dog. He had wandered up on someone’s porch when he was near death, and that person networked him on Facebook to find someone who could take him in. Luckily, Kris Broussard agreed to foster and (being a nurse) she was able to clean his wounds and get him started on the road to recovery that night. Thanks to those who donated he is now fully vetted, healthy and ready for adoption! What a difference some love, good food and vet care can make!

Success Story: Mocha

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Adopted-MochaMocha is the last of Hope’s puppies. Everyone loves a puppy so a lot of people got to pet her and spend time with her but when her foster family took her camping, but Rod and Lisa met her they fell in love! Lucky for Mocha they decided to adopt and took this sweet little girl home from the campground. Here’s some pictures of this sweet girl with her family!