Foster Feature: Image

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This post is courtesy of Linda and James Taylor!

“We are a TBAR foster home.”

Litters of kittens, cats, dogs, a litter of puppies, a string of miniature donkeys, and all sizes and shapes of horses have all crossed between the gate to our  five acres…   Each animal has a very special story to tell of how they arrived at the door step of a TBAR foster home.

The one that touched not only my heart, but literally my soul, was Image.  

A walking pile of bones who literally pushed her way into our trailer that day, Image somehow knew we had come to help her.

An older mare with a will to live like no other animal I had met before. She taught us how    precious life is and how we should cherish it.

 She fought to live and she won.  

And we had the honor to be on that journey with her.

Thank you, Linda and James, for opening your homes and hearts to an animal in need! If this story has inspired you or anyone you know to become a foster family to a TBAR animal, please read the information on our foster page and then email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349



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