Foster Feature: Piper

This weeks foster feature is Piper. Here is his story written by his Foster Mom, Diane Holt, who didn’t give up on this little guy. Please like and share his story until he finds a home!


Piper’s Story:

My husband and I were traveling down FM 1155, in Washington, Texas on Sunday afternoon July 20th, 2014. I see this little thing on the side of the road. I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I tell my husband, STOP. I jump out and see that it’s a tiny emaciated dog on the side of the road. He starts to run from me and he goes under the road into sewer pipes ones about 3-4’ big with 4 in a row. I follow trying to help him; he was in the worst shape of any animal I have ever seen alive. My husband and I try for over 2 hours to get him with no luck at all.

We leave very frustrated, upset, and sad. This little guy didn’t have a chance in the heat. It appeared he might be living on a sticky smelly dead deer by the road and hiding in the pipes for safety. It was getting dark so we had no options but to give up for now. I vowed that we were stopping just for now because we certainly were NOT giving up on this little life that desperately needed help. I kept wondering how he had come to be tossed out on the side of the road and left there like garbage.

I didn’t sleep all night thinking about him being out there. The next morning I asked my husband to call me on his way past there to let me know if he saw him. He didn’t see him. So I headed back down there around 1pm with food-hot dogs, ice water and towels to try to find him again and if nothing else leave the food and water for him to find. When I got there I see that there was another good hearted couple that also saw him and had stopped because he and his wife had been seeing him for weeks. He wouldn’t let them help him either. The man said he ran behind him this time and he didn’t see where he went. We spent about an hour looking for him but couldn’t find him. His wife called Tbar rescue from the road. I put out the food and water for him so at least maybe he can get something to eat and drink and I’ll check back.

I came back later that day and see him. He ran when I got really close to him and he started screaming because he’s so frightened. He ends up escaping into a 14” culvert pipe at the bottom of someone’s driveway on FM1155. I try everything I can think of to get him to come out. I offered him hot dogs and water and use soft talking but nothing I did would coax him to come out.

This culvert is maybe 14” wide and about 30’ long so it’s a lot better to deal with than the underground sewer pipes. I work with him for hours in 98 degree temps; it had to be well over a 100 inside that pipe. Folks passed by and out of the driveway. No one stopped to help or even ask anything. I tossed him hot dog pieces. He loved getting them and came for water but would never allow me to get close enough to help him.

I decided the ONLY way this little guy was going to get saved is if we can trap him. I was about 4 miles from home, so I try to block both ends of the pipe off with towels and stones to hold him in there. Leaving the food and water for him I head back to a neighbors to get a live trap and a long PVC pipe to reach down the pipe to guide him into the live trap. I return to find he had escaped.

Now I am unbelievably frustrated because I knew this little guy did not have much time to survive these temps. He is very thin, weak and had almost no hair left due to mange. He was in need of rescue badly and now it was late in the day and I couldn’t find him.

Next morning I have my husband look for him on his way to the office and he didn’t see him. I head back down there around 11:30 with troops from Tbar to meet up because I was going to get this little guy today and get him the help he so badly needed. I get there and don’t see him but I’m going to set the trap up by the culvert pipe with food and water and just check it throughout the day.

I get down on my knees to set the trap up and look in the pipe and I see him looking back at me!!! I was so happy to see him. I wasn’t taking any chances this time so I set the trap up and locked it in place and put hot dogs up at the other end with water. Now I’m on one side with a PVC pipe and the trap is at the other end. Just in time Lauren from Tbar Rescue pulls up, I motion to her to get to the other end of the pipe. We toss him hot dogs but he wasn’t coming to us so we had to trap him.

With Lauren on one end and me on the other end Lauren starts to put the PVC pipe in the culvert pipe to chase him the other direction into the trap where I waited for him. Within 10 minutes we had him!!! Lauren and I hugged and thanked GOD for helping us get him as Melanie, another Tbar member, pulls up. Tears of relief after 3 days of trying to get him, it was a joyful event. Lauren says to me, ‘since you’re going to Foster him you get to name him!’ I said, what about PIPE….she replied how about Piper!!! How perfect. So now little Piper is my foster dog. Melanie loaded him up and off to the vets for help.

I will mention that I found out that he had been seen on this road in this condition by many folks over the last month or more. Some stopped and tried some just ignored him as it was someone else’s problem as if he was garbage. Yes, it took time to get him but his life was worth the effort.

Even the day I think I spent at total of six hours at the bottom of that driveway, folks actually drove in and out of that drive way and never even ask me if I needed help or what was wrong as they saw me at the bottom of their driveway in 98 degree weather crawling on the ground they just kept driving by vehicle after vehicle.

So I wonder about where the compassion has gone? If people do this to people no wonder they do it to animals. But if you just try, and keep trying or at least try to figure it out and not give up you might save a life. You won’t stop the problem, you won’t solve the grand issue but if you stop and try to help or at least report it to someone that can you’ll save at least that one life. Doing something is better than nothing, show some compassion and try, DO SOMETHING!

As it turns out Piper is a sweet, gentle and friendly 7 month old puppy who loves to sit in your lap. He also enjoys going for rides in the car, loves kids and gets along with other animals. Most surprisingly he’s completely housebroken too. He must have lived in someone’s house before they tossed him aside like garbage. Now he is mange free, vaccinated, neutered and ready for his forever home. He’s gone from being only 8 pounds to a healthy 14 pounds and he won’t get much bigger than that. He’s perfect for any family! Email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 if you’d like to adopt Piper!

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