Foster Feature: Star!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Foster-Feature-StarFoster feature, from Star (with help from her foster mom, Gisele Milsaps-Flanigan)

Excuse me, I said excuse me! My name is Star and I’m a True Blue Animal Rescue doggie and I want to tell you my story.

I don’t understand what I did so wrong but I ended up homeless and living on a country road for a long time. It was hard finding food to survive and I was so cold. I don’t know what happen to all my pretty hair either, it just kept falling out!  People were not kind to me they would throw things at me, stomp their feet, clap their hands and yell GET! I just wanted someone to help me. My life was miserable and I was losing hope.

Then one day a TBAR volunteer drove by saw me and stopped, I was so scared of her you know, because no one has wanted me close to them for a long time. I kept running away from her but she kept coming back! I’m very now happy that she didn’t give up on me and rescued me because I don’t think I could have made it through another cold night.   She is my foster Mom now, and she gave me my name, Star! She said that when I get all fixed up I’m going to shine like a twinkling star.

I now have a soft warm bed, all the food and clean water I want. I feel loved and safe, how cool is that?!  When she pets and kisses me it still feels funny, since no one has touched me in a long time. I’m still learning to trust because I’ve been hit and abused. She’s taken me to the doggie doctor and we learned that I have Demodex, also known as red mange. I’m taking medicine to fix it and my hair is slowly coming back. I’ll look totally different in a few more months, you just wait and see! I now also have my pretty figure back, and I weigh a perfect 13 now! My foster Mom and Vet say I’m a Rat Terrier mix, maybe with Chihuahua. I’m living with five kitty cats and one is my new best friend!  I like other doggies as long as they are not too big. I really like going for walks in the woods. I do best with going to do my potty business on a leash.

My foster Mom tells me I’m such a quiet sweet little thing. I’m not quite ready to be adopted but I will be soon. Please follow me and watch me shine!  I’ll let you know when I’m ready to be part of your family. Until then, will you please consider becoming a foster Mom or Dad? TBAR can only save my fellow brothers and sisters if we have a temporary home to go to to heal! I’m one of the lucky ones I have a loving  foster home! Thank you for reading my story, isn’t it a happy one?

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