Newest Rescue: JJ and Puppies (updated)

September 11: JaeJae was is an owner turn in who had 9 puppies. She still needs to gain some weight, but she is a sweet little girl and needs a good home. Here 8 babies are also available for adoption!

July 31: JJ the Chihuahua had 9 healthy puppies!! So many great colors! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and good thoughts during the day as she gave birth. She started at 10:30am and finished up around 3:00pm. TBAR welcomes these 9 little lives into our hearts.

July 23: We picked up another foster pup this week. An 11 month old Chihuahua mix that is due to have babies next week. Owner turn in to TBAR rescue. Baby having babies. XRAY shows 8 puppies. Hope we aren’t in over our head.



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