Newest Rescue: Donkeys

You know we help a lot of stray dogs and cats but did you know that there are stray horses and donkeys too? These two were abandoned in Montgomery Co. When an owner wasn’t found they were turned over to True Blue Animal Rescue but we wouldn’t have been able to help them if we didn’t have foster homes. Thankfully these two are safe, but we are desperate for more good foster homes to help. If you have some land, a fence and shade, please consider being an equine foster home. For more information email us at [email protected] or call 936-878-2349.

Roof for Kennels (updated)

July 9: Phase 1 of putting a cover on the kennels started this week. Thank you all for your donations to help us give a better life to the dogs at True Blue Animal Rescue. Tomorrow (7/10/17) we’ll begin Phase 2 which will be concreting the poles in place.

July 10: Phase 2, the poles are set and ready for the roof!

July 15: Phase 3: The structure of the kennel cover is complete and the rest of the roof will be finished soon!

July 16: Phase 4: The kennel roof is complete! Now we’ll start putting the dogs back under their nice protective roof. They’ll have fans to keep them cool with plenty of shade from this new roof. We’ll be moving them back under cover this week so they can enjoy their new home. Thanks to everyone who donated to help us give the dogs a roof over their heads!

Before & After

Newest Rescue Horse July 12

This sweet little horse was wandering around the street in this condition. A good samaritan saw him and couldn’t leave him like that so she called True Blue Animal Rescue to ask for help. Soon after that he was brought to our vet to be evaluated. He’s emaciated and has lots of old injuries and scars. I don’t imagine he’s known a full belly his whole life and then he was turned out like garbage. Lucky for him that’s about to change. This sweet, gentle horse will be getting the best of care and plenty of love from now on.
This is the 11th stray horse or donkey that TBAR has taken in this year. If you’d like to foster or adopt email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you signed up to help!

Adopted Horse: Ribbon

Ribbon went from a scraggly malnourished horse to this beautiful, healthy, well trained mare with a girl of her own! Happy endings like this take a team of people to accomplish. First there’s the person who saw her and rescued her from her situation, then the wonderful foster home who fed her and got her the vet care she needed to become healthy and finally, the trainer, Robert Profili, who spent months of his time to get her ready for her new family. 

When Olivia met Ribbon it was love at first sight and everyone knew it was meant to be. Olivia spent her own money to adopt Ribbon with the support of her Mom and Grandma. This is a dream come true and happy ending for Olivia and Ribbon.
Ribbon would like to thank Della Lindquist for sponsoring and fostering her making this happy ending possible.

Would you like to adopt? Visit and then email us a [email protected] for more information on how to adopt!

Francesca resuced!

June 9 Update:

Skin scrape came back negative so we get to hug and love on her now! Hooray!
She got her rabies shot and more medicine for her eye too. When she goes in to get spayed in a month Dr Panko can fix her eye which healed split causing the lashes to keep irritating it. He’ll check for mammary tumors then too but after palpating them he thinks it’s just callus related due to having mange for all these years. 10 years is a long time to suffer. Please don’t look the other way, help an animal in need if you see them suffering. No living being deserves to suffer and animals can’t get help unless we step in. Be a doer in life, not a by-passer.

June 8 Update:

Francesca got another medicated shampoo bath yesterday. Now we’re off to the vet today to check her skin and see if she’s mange free. She’s much more comfortable than she was in the streets but she still has that stray dog walk and stance where she seems to be looking in every direction to make sure she’s safe and nobody is going to hurt her. I can’t wait till she finally realizes that she’s safe and can be content for the rest of her life. Please donate toward Francesca’s vet bill at or PO Box 1107, Brenham, TX 77834. She still needs shots, spay and biopsy’s on her mammary tumors.

June 1 Update:

It’s been a week since Francesca came to us. She’s been to the vet and was prescribed doxy and ivomectrin to fight the mange, heartworms and skin and eye infection. She is better but she didn’t get this way overnight so it’s going to take some time for her to fully recover. We’ll take her back to the vet next week for another skin scrape and check up. Hopefully she can get her shots then too.

She was living in a depressed area with a large stray population where residents don’t have the means to take them all in, so they feed them in place.

She has sarcoptic mange, an ulcer in her eye and skin infections, but she will fully recover. We’re treating her for all of that and then we’ll go back for shots and to check for tumors and get her spayed. She is off the streets for the first time in 10 years. If you’d like to donate to her care you can donate through Paypal or mail checks to:

True Blue Animal Rescue

PO Box 1107

Brenham, TX. 77834

Rescued Dog Cletus

Dale is comforting Cletus at the vet today to let him know that we’re here for him no matter what. We accepted him into TBAR in October 2016 and he had skin issues then. We had his skin scraped and he tested negative for any mange or mites so the vet treated him for skin infections and he improved. When we stopped the antibiotics it all came back worse than ever so we went back to the vet for more testing and it turned out that he had an aggressive yeast infection. He was itchy, scabbed up and swollen. We then started an aggressive antibiotic fight against this infection and this is Cletus today. His infection isn’t gone but he’s winning the fight. We have another months worth of antibiotics and special shampoo to bath him in. Hopefully he’ll get a clean bill of health when we go back next month. It’s been a struggle but he’s worth it. Please donate toward Cletus’s vet bill or PO Box 1107, Brenham, TX 77834

Foster homes needed June 2017

These pups need foster homes. Their mama was a stray and had 10 babies. We’d like to split them up into several different foster homes. They’ll have first shots and be ready to go in a few days. If you can foster one or two, email us at [email protected]
If you can’t foster or adopt, please share.

Carnival at the Dog Park 2017

It was a gorgeous day for the Carnival at the Dog Park,  hosted by Animal Friends of Washington County.

Several local businesses in Brenham come out for the event. There were giant turtles, snakes, longhorn cows for people to pet and ride along with police dog search and rescue demonstrations. Animal Friends of Washington Co hosts this event each year right outside of the clinic inside the wonderful new dog park on Hwy 36. They provide free food, drinks, and music from local bands. All of our dogs had fun and got plenty of attention, and one of our dogs found her forever home and was adopted.