TBAR Foster Feature: Kassy Part 2

TBAR Foster Feature Dog Kassy (3)

On day three I was outside with the dogs because I wanted to make sure Kassy used the potty so she could be loose for an hour before crating her again. I admit I was sleepy; it was 7:30 and too hot for coffee. I heard Jack make a funny noise. I looked to see Jack and Kassy playing with each other. It was amazing! What was even more shocking was she was instigating the play. She happily bounced over to Jack, raised a front leg, smacked him in the face and then began to run around him. Her tail wagging, she then bowed with her front legs stretched out and her hind quarters still up. This is the classic body language that my dogs use with each other meaning, “Let’s play!” Jack, who for some time I always have thought of as a puppy, looked at her like she was crazy. He barked once at her and I sat up and took notice. But Jack’s bark did not stop Kassy from her quest to play.

TBAR Foster Feature Dog Kassy (1)

In fact she wanted Jack to bark. His bark triggered in her the desire to run in circles around him and then come back and smack him again. Jack had a new best friend and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. He acted like a gentleman and played as long as he could stand, but once done he headed for the back door and then sat down.  Still, watching Kassy play was huge. Seeing a dog that was so full of fear when I first got her that she messed herself twice, now have a big doggy smile on her face was staggering. I began to understand that Kassy had no clue how to be a dog and now more than ever I was going to be relying on my pack to help this dog in need. I just wasn’t sure they were up to helping sort out such a backward little girl.

Day seven I was in for a surprise yet again. Kassy at this point still wanted to only be in her kennel. It was her safety spot. The cat’s basket that was in the same room as her crate also became a “safe zone.” Kassy enjoyed cramming herself into the beautiful Garden Ridge Pottery basket my mother had gotten the cats. For days our foster dog would transfer herself from the kennel to the basket, non-stop. Almost like she had no control over her actions. Then day seven happened.

TBAR Foster Feature Dog Kassy (2)

I should point out that at this time we also took in another Corgi mix named Bacon, from a rescue group in Nixon, Texas. Call me crazy, but when I saw her picture and plea for an adoption for a special needs dog I just had a hard time saying no!  My dogs before this have always been solid colors. I am not sure if that was by choice or fate. But Bacon was a black and white Corgi mix and she looks a lot like Kassy, only a bit shorter. But back to day seven. On the seventh day, I was on the couch and I saw a dog sleeping in the middle of the room I was in. At first glance I thought it was Bacon, who came to us a very socialized dog that slid into our home with ease, now asleep. I then looked at my feet and saw Bacon napping there. (She is like my shadow and I love it!) Kassy was sleeping in the middle of the room. Not under something, or in something, but in the middle of the room with nothing to shield her from me! Not only was she napping but she seemed to be at peace. I was so excited I started to cry a little. I didn’t think the dog would grow this fast but things were looking up. Her accidents when we touched her had started to disappear. Everything seemed to be going so well.  But then week two knocked us for a loop and we had major steps backwards.

To Be Continued…

We hope our “Foster Features” help to inspire others to open their homes to animals in need. If you are interested in becoming a foster home for a Texas animal rescue, please visit our info page, email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349. It is because of foster homes like Casie that TBAR is able to save more lives!

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