Success Story Update: True Seven (now Pablo)

TBAR-Success-Throwback-PabloNothing makes us happier than to hear from people who have adopted in the past and send us pictures of their rescue kids with their forever family. Here’s one of those pictures that touches my heart in a special way. Pablo Redcloud aka True Seven, Picasso and Tejas came to TBAR as a baby. He went to several foster homes and was even adopted but he had some bad habits that were tough to break and he managed to out smart his people every single time. The last time he came back we sent him to Juan Vendrell for training and that helped a lot but his antics were still too much for the next adopter too. Even though Pablo was too much for them they didn’t give up on this beautiful boy and sent him to another trainer. This trainer was Otis Dyer. Otis is a gifted trainer who didn’t give up on Redcloud and continued working with him and eventually fell in love with him and decided to adopt him for himself. Here’s what Otis has to say about Redcloud now:
I have really become fond of my rescue horse Pablo Redcloud. He has become a trusted partner and a good friend, plus a fun ride. I’m glad I was able to adopt him, we are a good fit. Thank you Dan Matula and Melanie Hewett-Deaeth for allowing me to adopt him and give him a forever home.

This story warms my heart and is a perfect expression of what Valentine’s Day is all about. We get the animals out of harms way but that’s only part of rescue. The true rescuer is the one who adopts and works through the difficulties a rescue animal might have and loves them unconditionally the way Otis loves Redcloud. Have a heart, adopt, don’t shop. We have lots of dogs, cats and horses that need homes. Go to if you want to help rescue an animal.

Success Story: Nina

TBAR-Success-Nina-Dog-AdoptedThe chili cookoff at Independence Harley Davidson was a great fundraiser and a fabulous adoption day too! Our dogs got a lot of attention and this sweet girl, Nina, found her forever family too! Here’s a picture of Nina with her new Mom and Dad and brother Jack. If it all works out Nina’s new name might be Jill. (Jack and Jill) How cute is that!
Please consider adopting one of our rescue pets. Go to and take a look at the dogs, cats and horses that are waiting for their forever home.

Success Story: Patrick and Barbie

TBAR-Adopted-Patrick-Barbie-HorsesHappy 2016 everyone! Just after Christmas we had the joy of moving Patrick and Barbie, the two feed lot Belgians, to their new home. They are enjoying vast pastures of grass at their fabulous new home. Paul heard about them after our facebook post and since he already adopted a PMU draft breed horse from us 10 years ago, he decided to add these two to his farm. I can’t wait to see Patrick and Barbie gain full health too!! Every time you adopt, rescues have room to take in another animal. Adopting saves lives so adopt, don’t shop.

Success Story: Peaches

TBAR-Success-Peaches-Dog-AdoptedThis sweet little dog was abandoned at the shelter in Harris Co, Texas. She was emaciated and had no chance of surviving in a shelter. A True Blue Animal Rescue foster home offered to take her in and help her find a home. Her transporters named her Peaches because she was so sweet. Two weeks later this precious girl was feeling much better and at an adoption day when Elissa and Shane saw her and fell in love. Peaches is named Shasta now and couldn’t be more happy in her new home with her new family. Shasta would like to thank all the people who helped her get to safety and to those who donated toward her care. She’s one of the lucky ones and she knows it! Please consider adopting. Go to and see if we have one you’d like to adopt.

Success Story: Shelter Shih Tzu

TBAR-Adopted-Shih-TzuTrue Blue Animal Rescue pulled this little dog from BARC. This 10 month old Shih Tzu was dirty, matted and sad. She also has weak back legs that go out from under her when she runs and plays. After a thorough vet evaluation we were pleased to find out she has a birth defect in her hips that causes her no pain. After that report and a nice haircut at Fabulous in Fur, Janet decided to adopt! It does our heart good to know this little sweetheart is getting the love and care she deserves. Adopt, don’t shop!

Success Stories: Widget and Duke!

TBAR-Success-Story-Dog-Duke-RowdyThis week we are announcing two adoptions. First we have Widget with her Dad. Widget’s new name is Rowdy! Then there’s Duke, the stray puppy that was found living on an abandoned couch, in his new home! Two lucky puppies that will have unconditional love in their forever families. It doesn’t get much better than that! Lucky for these two pups more and more people adopt instead of shopping for new pets. Meanwhile so many puppies still go to shelters and are euthanized because we don’t have enough foster homes to take care of them while we network for new homes. SAVE a life, become a foster home today! Email [email protected]

Success Story: Moonshine!

TBAR-Texas-Success-Story-MoonshineMoonshine finally found his perfect match. His foster Mom has been working with him and getting him more comfortable with brushing, washing and cross ties. Meanwhile, she fell in love and finalized his adoption. Lucky Moonshine and his new Mom, Laura!

Happy Tails: Savannah

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-TBT-Savannah-2015Throwback Thursday Happy Tails! We received this wonderful update from a past adopter, with an update on the dog she adopted from TBAR!

Hi All,

Below are pictures of our puppy Savannah (she was originally named Delilah), we got her from TBar in February 2010.  We first saw her at one of your adoption events at Petsmart in College Station.  

The first picture is Savannah with my husband Mike at Teresa’s place where we went to see her a second time before officially adopting.  In two of the pictures she is with her brother we got from animal control in 2012.

They are both wild and crazy and so much fun but Savannah is also the sweetest little girl you will meet.  I call her my little girl, she is 85lbs, she’s been such a sweetheart and blessing to our family.

Thank you for all you do!!  I couldn’t image our lives without Savannah 🙂

Lacey Burey

Thank you for the update, Lacey! We love updates on the pets that were adopted from us! Seeing them so happy in their new life gives us the motivation to keep saving more and more!

If anyone else would like to share their success story, please email photos and updates to [email protected]