Success Story: Piper


This afternoon’s success story is Piper! Remember that mangy little dog that was found in a culvert pipe? He had been hiding there for weeks getting sicker and sicker while people who saw him kept looking the other way. Lucky for him Diane Holt saw him and vowed to save him. She captured him and got him the help he needed. Then she fostered him till he was healthy and ready for adoption. In the end Diane decided to adopt him and even though we call it a foster failure when the foster home decides to adopt it couldn’t have been a better outcome for sweet Piper because he loves the Holt’s as much as they love him and now he gets to live with them forever. Piper is one lucky boy!

Read Piper’s rescue story HERE!

Success Story: Zoey

Zoey_Success Story_TBAR

This morning’s Success story is Zoey. This kitten was found malnourished and with a broken leg. After a vet exam we found out that she was also FIV positive. Brenham Vet Hospital recommended letting her leg heal and to our great joy she began healing and was able to get around just fine. Not long after that her forever home found her and fell in love! She has a wonderful forever home now! Thanks to everyone who helped Zoey along her journey including Alissa Cannon for reminding us that FIV is not transmitted easily and that FIV cats can live long and healthy lives. Zoey will always be grateful!

Success Stories: Patrick


Patrick was found on the streets of Bellville with his buddy, Roxie. These two were starving, homeless and in need of veterinary care. True Blue Animal Rescue took them into their foster program and sent them straight to the vet to for a full exam, deworming and vaccinations.

Puppies 3

Patrick thrived in his foster home with his dog and cat siblings. He loved chewing his toys while laying in his doggie bed or running around the yard playing with his doggie friend, Jack.

Patrick needed a few months to regain weight and adjust to being part of a family, but he was finally ready to find his forever home. It didn’t take long for someone to meet Patrick and fall head-over-heels for this sweet little boy. Now, Patrick has his own family and will even have a new fur-brother to play with in his big back yard during the day before it’s time to come in for bedtime.
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