Success Story: Paco

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-PacoPaco came to True Blue Animal Rescue after being picked up as a stray. He lived in a foster home for the last three months learning to live with and trust a family. When Juan saw him on the web site he knew it was the dog for him and that was confirmed when he came out to meet Paco. Hooray for Paco and Juan!

Success Story: Betty

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-BettyPoor Betty has been through a lot. She started out at a shelter in Wharton headed toward euthanasia when a foster home agreed to take her. They ended up moving and couldn’t take her with them so she went into a boarding kennel. Poor Betty is small dog aggressive making her harder to find a home for. We weren’t sure how things would end up for Betty when Baileys’ adopter, Melody, contacted us about fostering and possibly adopting if it works out. When she came to meet some of the other dogs Betty had just returned from boarding. She was skinny and sad but Melody decided to give her a chance anyway. Lucky Betty, Bailey and Melody!!

Success Story: Gracie

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-GracieRemember Gracie? She was the boxer mix that was pulled from BARC. She was balding, sad and miserable with no chance for survival till a kind hearted person pulled her and rehabilitated her through True Blue Animal Rescue. After her rehab she came to TBAR Ranch until her forever family found here. We received these pictures reminding us that it’s been one year since she was adopted! Thanks for the pictures Sherrie!

Save a life, foster a dog from a shelter! TBAR pays all the vet bills. All you need to provide is the food and love till they find their forever family. Are you interested? Email [email protected]

Success Story: Shelter Shih Tzu

TBAR-Adopted-Shih-TzuTrue Blue Animal Rescue pulled this little dog from BARC. This 10 month old Shih Tzu was dirty, matted and sad. She also has weak back legs that go out from under her when she runs and plays. After a thorough vet evaluation we were pleased to find out she has a birth defect in her hips that causes her no pain. After that report and a nice haircut at Fabulous in Fur, Janet decided to adopt! It does our heart good to know this little sweetheart is getting the love and care she deserves. Adopt, don’t shop!

Success Story: Macy

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-MacyMacy was a stray when a True Blue Animal Rescue member decided to save her life and foster. She’s a small bully breed, housebroken, friendly and great with kids yet nobody adopted her. She ended up staying in foster care for months. We found ourselves wondering why nobody wanted to adopt this wonderful dog but we’re pretty sure Macy knew why. Her foster family was falling more in love with her every day and Macy was doing her best to make that happen. When someone finally did ask about adopting her the foster family realized that they couldn’t let her go. We call that foster failure but for Macy it’s a huge win. You can tell by her smiling face that she couldn’t be happier! Thank you Casie and Cody for fostering and failing. We couldn’t be happier for the whole family!

Success Story: Star

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-StarRemember Star? she was in the streets, alone and afraid. Lots of people walked past her but nobody would help till Gisele saw her and couldn’t get her out of her mind. . She went back and took it upon herself to rescue this poor hairless dog. She treated her demodex and showed her what it was like to be loved. Gisele planned to put her up for adoption when she was healthy but before too long it was obvious that a bond had been made and Star was there to stay. Just look at Miss Star with Gisele on vacation. You can see the happiness and love. It is with joy in our hearts that we are announcing this foster failure. Hooray for Gisele and Star. Please consider fostering or adopting. Go to and look at all the animals that are waiting for their forever homes.

Success Story: Lexi!

TBAR-Texas-Animal-Rescue-LexiLook who went to a new home this week! Lexi, now named Daisy went to live with another True Blue Rescue dog, Sully! This is a great family and so far Daisy is fitting right in. She can’t believe that all those toys could be for her! Foster homes are nice but all rescue animals dream of a forever home all their own. We have a lot more puppies looking for homes. If you’re thinking about adopting go to and take a look.

Success Stories: Widget and Duke!

TBAR-Success-Story-Dog-Duke-RowdyThis week we are announcing two adoptions. First we have Widget with her Dad. Widget’s new name is Rowdy! Then there’s Duke, the stray puppy that was found living on an abandoned couch, in his new home! Two lucky puppies that will have unconditional love in their forever families. It doesn’t get much better than that! Lucky for these two pups more and more people adopt instead of shopping for new pets. Meanwhile so many puppies still go to shelters and are euthanized because we don’t have enough foster homes to take care of them while we network for new homes. SAVE a life, become a foster home today! Email [email protected]