Success Story: Gina!

True Blue Animal Rescue Success Story GinaToday’s success story is Gina!

Gina was the year-old yellow lab who was rescued from the Brenham shelter when they called to alert us that she was on her last days. K’s Mutt Hutt board her, and many people donated to help pay the boarding fees while she waited for her forever home.

We are now happy to share that Gina has found a wonderful forever home with a nice lady and two other dogs. Gina is well-loved and couldn’t be happier!

We are very grateful for the shelter manager who called us, for K’s Mutt Hut for taking care of her, for the donors who paid for her boarding, and to the volunteers who transported her around to her vet appointments. Lastly, and most importantly, we are thankful for Gina’s new forever family, for opening their hearts and homes to her! Gina is certainly our “it takes a village” story!

Throwback Success Story: Fabio!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Throwback-Success-FabioLast week we received an update on Fabio!

His family tells us:

 “I don’t know if you will remember Fabio but he was debilitating shy when we first got him. I remember your husband asking me to please be patient with him. While he is still a tad shy around us and hides from strangers, he has also recognized his forever home and family! Our alpha (jealous) male still rules the roost but even he shares his garage chair with Fabio!”

We are so happy Fabio has such a great forever home! He was one of a litter of puppies who were stuffed in a plastic container and illegally dumped off in front of a country home when they were 7-8 weeks old in 2011. We couldn’t be happier to hear updates like these. It gives us the energy we need to refuel our passion and continue to help animals in need!

Please send us updates on YOUR TBAR animal! Email [email protected] and we would love to feature your pet’s update on our site!

Success Story! Lady!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Story-Adopted-LadyThis is Lady, a Cane Corso mastiff. She belonged to a breeder who had her in their backyard. They were not taking good care of her and turned her over to someone else after her puppies had died. She was passed around to four different homes till she was taken in by Casie Cooper with True Blue Animal Rescue. Casie let her have some time to adjust and then slowly introduced her to her family and other dogs. She was worried that Lady might growl and behave aggressively, but after she settled in she was fine with the other dogs. Lady is a huge dog, and a breed that needs to be handled correctly, so we knew it would take a special home to adopt her. After she was vetted and spayed Casie was able to network her and find her the perfect family. She has settled in nicely with her new people and doggie siblings!

Throwback Thursday Success Story: Baby (Sinatra)

Throwback Thursday Success Story True Blue Animal Rescue Texas Sinatra aka Baby

#ThrowbackThursday Success Story

TBAR found this boxer/austrailan shepherd/terrier mix as a stray, took her in, and named her Sinatra. We remember what a beautiful color pattern she had, as well as her bright blue eyes! In 2007 she found her forever home, and this week they sent us an update!

“Just a note to let you know-

This girl went home with me in May 2007. You called her Sinatra, (a terrible name for a sweet girl), so I have called her Baby ever since. She grew to a healthy 55 lb., 18-19″ tall. She is still doing fine in a big fenced yard with a male playmate of her size, a warm bed (under a heat lamp when it’s really cold) in the garage and plenty to eat. She travels well, gets along with my small dogs and loves to be petted. Her blue eyes are still amazing!”

Her owners sent us this update after they received our newsletter this week. We couldn’t be more pleased to received updates like this from forever homes! It warms our hearts and helps us to keep rescuing when we see the good lives these animals get to live. Our thanks for sending us the updated information on Baby!

Success Story Wednesday: Penny and Rusty

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Texas-Success-Stories-Rusty-PennyPenny was taken into TBAR when her owners could no longer keep her and she was at risk of being surrendered to a high kill rate shelter. Normally TBAR tries to work with owners to network their unwanted pets and find them a new home, but in this case there was no other option. Penny had puppies, and all of her puppies were found homes and Penny had to wait a bit longer for her perfect family to find her. Thankfully they did, and Penny is now living happily ever after with her human and doggy siblings!

Rusty was also adopted last week! Rusty was abandoned at a shelter and terrified. The shelter has a high euthanasia rate so they contacted us to see if we would take him. Luckily someone came forward to foster him. The same family quickly fell in love with Rusty and decided to adopt. You can see what bad shape Rusty was in before he went to his foster family, and how great he is doing now after their love and care helped him heal! He even has a boy of his own to play with in his forever home!

Thank you to everyone who has opened their hearts and homes to these two dogs! If you or someone you know is looking for a new furry family member, please view our dogs, cats, and horses available for adoption, and take a look at our adoption policies and procedures. We are always in need of new foster homes as well! If you have any questions, you can contact [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as they can!

Success Story! Ares!

True Blue Animal Rescue Texas Success Story AresWe love sharing success stories with you, and today we get to share that another one of our recent rescues has found a forever home. Here is Ares, one of the three husky puppies rescued from a high-kill rate shelter. You can see how much love he now gets from his new mom and new sibling! What a happy trio! Congrats on your forever home, Ares! And THANK YOU to Ares’ Mom for opening her heart and home to him!

Success Story: Phoebe / Harley!

phoebe success

This is Phoebe and her adopter. She’s the first of our husky / aussie mix pups to find her forever home. Her adoptive family saw her at the chili cookoff event and fell in love. Since they met her at Independence Harley Davidson her new name is going to be Harley!

Throwback Success: Eddie!

TrueBlueAnimalRescueSuccessStoryEddie TrueBlueAnimalRescueSuccessStoryEddie2

Eddie is our Merry Christmas Throwback Thursday. Eddie came to True Blue Animal Rescue when he was one week old. He was bottle fed and cared for in a foster home and then adopted into a wonderful family. Here he is with his family for Christmas. He was bigger than what they were looking for but they gave him a chance anyway and he turned out to be perfect for their family.

With the help of Eddie and his new family we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Success Story: Tina!

TrueBlueAnimalRescueTina TrueBlueAnimalRescueTina2

This weeks Success Story is Tina. and it’s a Christmas Blessing.

Tina’s New Mom sent this message:

Tina had a long talk with Santa this year.

She said she really wanted to stay in her foster home forever.

Santa couldn’t resist those eyes... and the snuggles every evening by the fire. So Santa said, “Come stay with me”.

Along with her BFF Jenny, who was also adopted from TBAR, her job will be to help Santa relax after a hard day’s work in the toy shop.

The second picture is Tina with her entire family. Her Dad plays Santa every weekend of Dec each year. Her Mom takes the pictures and all proceeds from their efforts go to True Blue Animal Rescue so more animals can be saved the following year. Her family is the Taylor Family and they are a blessing to rescue animals and especially to True Blue Animal Rescue!