Success Story: Apollo



We were lucky to pull this sweet baby out of a kill shelter as a baby but it took him a few months for him to find his furever family. He was doing well in his foster family but when Bill, Brandee and Will came out to meet some of the dogs at True Blue Animal Rescue he connected with them immediately. His normally shy personality was gone as he leaped into Bill’s lap and sat next to Will for attention! This IS a match made in heaven and lucky for me, I get to keep up with him and his new family. Another GREAT family adopts from True Blue Animal Rescue! Thank you!

Success Story: Mocha

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Adopted-MochaMocha is the last of Hope’s puppies. Everyone loves a puppy so a lot of people got to pet her and spend time with her but when her foster family took her camping, but Rod and Lisa met her they fell in love! Lucky for Mocha they decided to adopt and took this sweet little girl home from the campground. Here’s some pictures of this sweet girl with her family!

Happy Tails: Teddy and Ana

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Happy-Tails-AnnaToday’s “Happy Tails” is both Ana and Teddy! They were both in foster homes that fell in love with them and decided to adopt!! Hooray for Teddy and Ana! They will be staying right where they are forever! We LOVE foster failures 😉

Success Story: Mocha / Reese

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Story-Dog-Reese-MochaSuccess story Wednesday! Here is Mocha, one of the last of Hope’s puppies. Mocha was adopted by a couple that came all the way from Austin to adopt her. They changed her name to Reece, which is very fitting! Just look at cute little Reece in her new home! Lucky puppy and lucky family!

Congrats on your new forever family Reece! And thank you to her new owners for opening their hearts and homes to adopt a new family member!

TBAR Sucess Story: Olaf!

True Blue Animal Rescue Success Story Olaf

Today we are happy to share that Olaf found his forever home this weekend! He has been waiting for this day for quite some time, and he would like to extend his warm thanks to both of his loving foster moms that took such good care of him. We would like to thank them as well, and also thank his new family for opening their hearts and home to him. Congrats on your new life, Olaf!

Happy Tails: Rocky

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Throwback-Success-RockyDo you remember the surprise litter of puppies that came from our senior rescue, Sage, this past summer? Well here is the little boy of the litter, Rocket Raccoon! He has turned into a beautiful dog, and is very happy in his new forever home! He now goes by the name of “Rocky”!

We love it when our adoptive homes share updates, it is a thrill for us to see how much the animals have grown and adjusted in their new families, and it gives us the motivation to keep going with animal rescue. Please send us your updates to [email protected] and we would love to share them with our Facebook family!

Success Stories: Hazel Grace, Monica and Rachel

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Story-Hazel-Grace-Rachel-Monica-AdoptedWhen spring is in the air people start opening their homes to new furry family members! This week we are happy to share three recent adoptions! Hazel Grace, Rachel and Monica were strays when a kind person took them in as a True Blue Animal Rescue foster home. Monica and Rachel found wonderful new homes and the foster home fell in love with their Mother, Hazel Grace. Here are the pups with their new families, as well as the beautiful Hazel Grace, relaxing at her forever home. We love happy endings and when it’s times 3 it is even more joyful!

Success Stories: Sadie and a Hope Puppy!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Stories-April-8Success stories of the week are Sadie and one of the Hope puppies! You can see the puppy (named Maddie) here with her new mom – they look so happy together! Next is Sadie, the little Min pin mix girl. She found her forever home and is loving her new life. She enjoys playing fetch and running in her new yard and when the day is done she gets to sleep on her new Mom’s bed.

Maddie has two sisters (Mocha and Dotty) who still need forever homes. Please contact [email protected] to learn more about them, or view them at:

Success Stories: Puppies Adopted March 2015!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Puppies-Adopted-March-2015Here are the Hope Puppies that have already found their forever homes! They were in a kill shelter with their mother, Hope, and they would have been euthanized if a volunteer hadn’t come forward and offered to foster them. Now, these three are all in great new adoptive homes, with just two more (and their mom) waiting for theirs! Just look at these happy faces with their happy puppies! That’s three of our sweet puppies in great new homes but we still have two more looking for homes. Adopt, don’t shop!!