Success Story: Charlie Brown Family Chihuahuas!


#TBT: Earlier this year TBAR stepped in and saved this Mama Chihuaha and her litter of pups with the help ofHouston, Save Lives is our Mission. We had a great foster home volunteer, Michelle Wessels Marburger, who offered to take them all in. Now, months later, all are happy and healthy and in FURever homes! And that includes the two that stole their hearts of their foster family and were adopted by them

Thank you everyone who hand a hand in saving this litter, and especially Michelle and her family for stepping up to foster and working hard to find homes for them all! We couldn’t save lives without our foster homes!

Success Story Wednesday: Indy and Believer


Here are our recent success stories, Indy and Believer!

Indy just got adopted last week. You can see him here with his new mom (don’t they look happy together)! Indy was one of 57 horses taken in through law enforcement due to abuse and neglect. We’re just thrilled that he finally found his forever home with Susan!

Believer is the paint horse out in the pasture with his new pasture mates. His mother was seized due to abuse and neglect and he was born in TBAR. Now, as a well behaved three-year-old he has finally found his new home too!

Thank you to all of the TBAR volunteers that fed, cared for, and helped socialize and train these beautiful horses so they could find their forever home! And many thanks to their new families for opening their hearts and pastures!

Success Stories: September 17, 2014


We have three recent success stories to share! Mattie was one of the “bottle baby” puppies that were saved by TBAR volunteers this summer. She has a great family now, look at that #Selfie! Nebula was one of our “Guardians of the Galaxy” pups that were a surprise litter from our senior rescue, Sage. And Gracie is a boxer mix that has been a foster pup in wait of her forever home. Congrats on your new homes girls! And THANK YOU to those great families that have opened your home and hearts.

Success Story: Sable!


Today’s Throwback Thursday is Sable! This tiny little kitten was taken in by a wonderful foster home who has bottled babies before. Bottle feeding puppies and kittens is very hard with a very low survival rate for the babies. Sable is one of the lucky ones. Thank you Simone Belota for fostering Sable! Now he’s a healthy adopted kitten. Hooray for Sable!

Success Story: Piper


This afternoon’s success story is Piper! Remember that mangy little dog that was found in a culvert pipe? He had been hiding there for weeks getting sicker and sicker while people who saw him kept looking the other way. Lucky for him Diane Holt saw him and vowed to save him. She captured him and got him the help he needed. Then she fostered him till he was healthy and ready for adoption. In the end Diane decided to adopt him and even though we call it a foster failure when the foster home decides to adopt it couldn’t have been a better outcome for sweet Piper because he loves the Holt’s as much as they love him and now he gets to live with them forever. Piper is one lucky boy!

Read Piper’s rescue story HERE!

Success Story: Zoey

Zoey_Success Story_TBAR

This morning’s Success story is Zoey. This kitten was found malnourished and with a broken leg. After a vet exam we found out that she was also FIV positive. Brenham Vet Hospital recommended letting her leg heal and to our great joy she began healing and was able to get around just fine. Not long after that her forever home found her and fell in love! She has a wonderful forever home now! Thanks to everyone who helped Zoey along her journey including Alissa Cannon for reminding us that FIV is not transmitted easily and that FIV cats can live long and healthy lives. Zoey will always be grateful!

Throwback Success Story: Taffy!


Today’s Throwback Thursday is Taffy! We had the pleasure of having her visit us during open house last weekend. Here she is with her own little girl in the bluebonnets and a picture of her with her family during our open house! It always makes my day to see one of our rescue dogs with their family!


Success Story: Pup!

Pup_TBAR Success Story _ True Blue Animal Rescue Texas Brenham

This week’s Success story catch up is Pup. This sweet dog was rescued by her foster home who couldn’t let her be sold by someone who flips dogs for cash. She took her home after rescuing her and adopted her out through True Blue Animal Rescue to be sure she’d have a great forever home. It couldn’t have worked out better. Just look at Pup’s new Mom’s happy face!