A Cat Named Tiger


Tiger is a cat who has left a legacy. He disappeared around April 16, and since then has made waves in the world, sparking a debate about the importance of feral and outdoor cats.

Not many know Tiger’s whole story though, and his good friend Amy has shared with us his biography. Amy was a pet sitter and caretaker for Tiger and his farm friends for over three years.

Tiger was abandoned at a farm home when he was just a kitten. The couple that lived there never turned down a “dumped” animal as they love all animals. They named him Tiger because he was a beautiful orange & white tabby.

Tiger stayed by the house until he was old enough to live at the barn and rid it of mice that would get into horse & cattle feed and tear up other various important wires. Before taking him to the barn, his owners made sure he was old enough and got him neutered, fully vetted, and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Tiger had a routine over the course of his 6 years at the farm. During the day and late night after dinner he would either be in the barn protecting the horses, who became his best friends, or he would spend time in the pastures with them – sitting right next to them while they grazed. In the evening before sunset he knew it was dinner time so he would come up to the house for his cat chow and wet food mix. He looked forward to this every evening and would talk to you about it. He would even show you where you were supposed to set it down for him to enjoy.

Over the course of 3 years of taking care of him (half of his life), I witnessed very interesting things with him. For example, he loved to ride on the Gator tractor with me to the barn and back to the house, he never left my side…no matter where I was on the property he was right there next to me as my protector, so in a sense I became part of the farm he watched over. On the property there were cattle, horses, dogs, goats, a kitten, jack rabbits, baby birds that had fallen out of nests, frogs hopping around, spiders building webs and he never once caused harm to anyone or anything. He had a pure heart of gold and is one of the best coolest cats I have done pet sitting for. He was in a class all his own.

Unfortunately the couple had to move away due to health reasons. They gave Tiger to the next door neighbor to keep him in familiar settings, plus the neighbors were given the horses that Tiger used to hang out with. It took some adjusting, but Tiger would spend the day at the old barn and would make the trek across the fields to get to the neighbors for his dinner. He would eat and then make the trek back to the old barn. This went on for a couple of months and it seemed to keep everyone, including Tiger, happy.

Then Tiger went missing. The first couple of nights of untouched food was dismissed as bad weather since it was almost nonstop rain and storms in the area. Then came the horrible night I saw the infamous posting of a vet holding up a cat at the end of an arrow…..the cat was identical to Tiger. I continued putting food out until the end of my time for pet sitting at his house, but he never showed up to eat. It has been almost 4 weeks, and although we all still have hope, he has never returned for his dinner and we all miss him dearly.

Amy and Tiger’s owners have set up a donation fund in Tiger’s memory with us at True Blue Animal Rescue. We are working with different groups, including Alley Cat Allies, and will be creating an educational and assistance program to help springboard a Trap-Neuter-Return program that will strive to inform Washington and Austin County residence about the options for stray, wandering, and feral area cats. This program is beginning this year in Tiger’s name, and will continue for years and generations so that Tiger’s legacy will live on to save the lives of other cats in the area and worldwide.

If you would like to donate in Tiger’s name, you can do so from our Paypal Donation link, or you can purchase a “I Am Tiger” shirt from Amy’s Booster fundraising page! Thank you for choosing TBAR to Remember Tiger!

People can also “like” Tiger’s memorial Facebook page.


For example, we’ve already received this story from Melissa K:

11109191_10202851996459958_2194082487116646805_nThis cat has been around the house for about a 1.5 months and I have chased it off my patio because it was eating my cat’s food and has been squirting Dave’s shop, but after [Tiger’s Story] it made me change my attitude with this cat. I started going downstairs when I would hear it meow because he was hungry and I would feed it. Of course he didn’t want me to touch him or come near him, and after 7 times of feeding him he brushed up against my foot!! It took sometime but this is where we are at -YES we have bonded! Now I will get him fixed and try to find him a home because our cats would not like him because they are selfish!! So I took a bad story and changed my thoughts and made sometime positive for another CAT!!

And here is the picture of this very cat in his new home! Thank you Melissa, for making Tiger’s legacy mean something beautiful!

Pet of the Week: Apollo

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Pet-of-The-Week-Husky-ApolloPet of the week this week is a beautiful young male Husky named Apollo who will be a medium-sized dog. At this time he weighs about 40-45 pounds. Apollo is a wonderful dog that loves people and gets along great with other animals including cats. He loves to ride in the car, walks well on a leash and is housebroken and crate trained. Young dogs like this do not come around too often. Someone is going to be very lucky to get him. Husky’s are active dogs,but Apollo is not too active, but it would be wise to go to a home with a good sturdy fence, just to keep him safe.

T-BAR is a no-kill rescue. Not only do we like having our animals adopted out, we also are in dire need of foster homes. That way we can help more animals out there, who are in perilous times alone on the streets. Please save a life by adopting a pet instead of buying a pet, and please have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do. If you are interested on where you can help or to look at all that is available to either adopt or foster, please go to www.t-bar.org and see all the animals that deserve a second chance and fulfilled life full of love, email[email protected] or call (936)878-2349 and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible. Adoption Fee: Please email [email protected] for adoption fee! Adoption fee includes neuter or spay, up to date vaccinations, heartworm tested if old enough or started on heartworm prevention as a puppy, deworming and a one year TBAR membership.

Happy Tails: BBB Ranch Horses

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-2015-BBB-RanchThrowback Thursday Happy Tails:

BBB Ranch has been a longtime supporter of TBAR. They have just sent us photos of their fosters and adopted horses! Here you can see Red, Prissy Kisses, Erkle, and Cheyenne! Thank you for sharing the photos, and thank you for caring for these horses!

TBAR Sucess Story: Olaf!

True Blue Animal Rescue Success Story Olaf

Today we are happy to share that Olaf found his forever home this weekend! He has been waiting for this day for quite some time, and he would like to extend his warm thanks to both of his loving foster moms that took such good care of him. We would like to thank them as well, and also thank his new family for opening their hearts and home to him. Congrats on your new life, Olaf!

April 2015 ABLE Kids Camp

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue_2014_Kids-Camp-AltonTrue Blue Animal Rescue had some small visitors over from Alton elementary school to view some T-bar horses and learn about animal health care on April 10th. Even though the clouds threatened to drop rain that Friday, the kids and T-bar volunteers managed to complete the whole day of planned activities and treated the kids to a great deal of fun before the sky finally opened up.

The day started with True Blue Animal Rescue founder and president, Melanie Deaeth, teaching the class the proper way to behave around horses. Rules like those about not patting noses, or walking behind horses were taught. As the children were learning about horse care, the T-bar mascot, Willie the barn cat, decided to sit in and listen to the lesson. Willie, who adopted T-bar as his home many years ago, is always a huge hit with visitors, big and small, that come to T-bar.

Once the lesson on horse care was done, the group of kids were split up; a few stayed with Melanie while the rest of the children were treated to a famous Dale Deaeth hay ride! Though it was cold, Mr. Dale, as the kids call him, had blankets to keep the kids nice and warm and they took off on an adventure.

While one group was off enjoying the countryside, the other set of students had the pleasure of meeting camp horse Jasmine. Jasmine is a very special horse that was struck by lightning as a pony. Somehow she survived but she lost her gift of sight. Still, when the kids first meet the horse they have no clue she cannot see as she gets around so well and is very trusting with T-bar volunteers. Jasmine loves when she hears kids on the grounds because they give her treats from the treat bowls at the barn.

New to the T-bar ranch is Roman, a beautiful black Percheron that was taken in just two months ago. The Percheron breed is in league with draft horses, or warm bloods, which are typically large horse breeds. If you wonder at how big these horses can be, I always tell people to think of the Clydesdale horses used in Budweiser commercials. The reaction of the kids as Roman was pulled from his stall was priceless. The kids were excited and a few were a little nervous. But as with most draft horses, Roman was gentle and sweet as pie. He too was treated to horse cookies and then the kids even took turns brushing him.

Once Roman was put away, the kids formed a line to see miniature donkeys, Dolly and Madison. They too were given treats and the kids enjoyed their small stature. At times, the tour led the class away from the barn, but Willie the barn cat always made sure to stay nearby! After looking at the donkeys, the class then headed over to look at the big pasture of horses. All the kids loved seeing Zelda, the zebra/horse hybrid, and the many other horses at T-bar ranch that need homes.

Just as the day was winding up with some craft time, the rain started to fall. And all too soon it was time for the kids to head back to school. Kid camp days are personal favorites of many T-bar volunteers like Amy Hemsell. “It puts a smile on my face to see the innocent children having a wonderful time with no worries when they’re around the animals.”

True Blue Animal rescue would like to thank all volunteers that helped make this camp day possible. From those that came the night before to groom horses and clean the barn, to those that came to help the kids and handled the horses. Without you, days like this one would have been impossible. Thank you!

Success Stories: Hazel Grace, Monica and Rachel

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Story-Hazel-Grace-Rachel-Monica-AdoptedWhen spring is in the air people start opening their homes to new furry family members! This week we are happy to share three recent adoptions! Hazel Grace, Rachel and Monica were strays when a kind person took them in as a True Blue Animal Rescue foster home. Monica and Rachel found wonderful new homes and the foster home fell in love with their Mother, Hazel Grace. Here are the pups with their new families, as well as the beautiful Hazel Grace, relaxing at her forever home. We love happy endings and when it’s times 3 it is even more joyful!

Success Stories: Sadie and a Hope Puppy!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Success-Stories-April-8Success stories of the week are Sadie and one of the Hope puppies! You can see the puppy (named Maddie) here with her new mom – they look so happy together! Next is Sadie, the little Min pin mix girl. She found her forever home and is loving her new life. She enjoys playing fetch and running in her new yard and when the day is done she gets to sleep on her new Mom’s bed.

Maddie has two sisters (Mocha and Dotty) who still need forever homes. Please contact [email protected] to learn more about them, or view them at:http://www.t-bar.org/adopt-dogs/